“Having problems in recovery your bad Debts”

Let Us Be of Service to you. Our promise is to efficiently, actively & successfully recover these debts for you!

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Resolute Debt RFA/RMS offers local debt recovery services. Each debt case is different and our professionals will work closely with you to ensure that you receive your payments.

Debt Collection

Our Singapore & Malaysia debt collectors can assist you with all aspects of Singapore & Malaysia debt recovery, including both commercial and personal debts – large or small, no money should be left unresolved.

Credit Management Services

In addition to our collection of delinquent debt we offer full credit management advisory services on a retainer basis.We can help you regularise your accounts receivables faster and to ensure the implementation of a full-rounded

Debt Recovery for small business

As a small business owner or operator, your major concern is running your business, you shouldn’t be disadvantaged by outstanding debts, and that’s why Debt RFA/RMS, the number one debt collection service provider

Enterprise debt collection

By Engaging with Debt Recovery RFA/RMS, you can be guaranteed your stellar reputation will be upheld whilst ensuring your organization is paid quicker. Our corporate debt collection services have recovered millions of dollars

The Agony of Collections & Bad Debts

A prompt and professional service is a fundamental aspect of our debt collection agency at Debt RFA/RMS

Debt Recovery

Process Serving

Repossessions and Field Calls

Personal and Corporate Insolvency

Refinance Options


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How RFA / RMS Programme Works

The key to successful collections is prompt and decisive action as drawn-out collection of outstanding accounts typically leads to non-payment.

How the RPP Program Works

Using our services means you are retaining experts who are fully experienced in a difficult field. Most of our collectors are ex-government department

Professionals Loves the RPP Program

Because it is executed by people that have years of credit and collections experience. Our specialization has been in commercial recoveries

RPP Program

An increase in account receivable recovery giving you more cash flow. Reduced internal accounting cost because our staffs deal with your bad debts professionally.

Our Objective

We’ve helped business like yours to collect their bad debts for a reasonable fee but without customer discord for which collection agencies are known for. This proven, pre-litigation Revelation Process Program or RPP is now available to you!

WE want YOU TO USE our program to enjoy these benefits:

An increase in accounts receivable recovery, giving you more cash flow

Reduced internal accounting costs; because our staff deal with your bad debts professionally

Lowers delinquency losses and costs

Achieves targeted results!

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Honing the crafts to improve your cash flow

Debt consolidation in Singapore & Malaysia is very rarely a simple task, so alleviate yourself of this unpleasant responsibility by employing professional debt collectors.


Global Expertise:
Access to vital insights enable more effective collections along with our network of independent attorneys and bureaucratic capabilities to ride on.

World Wide Network

Worldwide Regional Centre:
Regardless of the origin of your accounts (local or foreign), be assured of the highest level of service and professionalism from our vast network.


Professional Receivables Management Staff:
Our professional collectors streamline your cash management process, from original invoicing to final collection of funds.


Outsourcing Accounts Receivable:
Receiving payments on time can be challenging. Our outsourcing accounts receivable solution offers support where, when and how you need it.


Call Centre Facilities:
Debtors will be addressed, via telephone and post, by our specialists operating from a representative office that is closest to them.


Amicable Debt Collections:
We help you cultivate and retain positive working relationships with your customers by providing non-contentious solutions through our amicable debt collection services.