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The Making Of Revelation Force

The CEO Mr Terence Gomez of Revelation Force & Associate was a Bill Collector recovering Varies kinds of Debts such as Personal & Companies Bad Debts. As a Bill Collector, Mr Terence Gomez worked to handle many challengers in Recovering Bad Debts during his time. He has handled all kind of debtors, the Good, Bad & Ugly debtors. Mr Terence however enjoyed his work. He never gave up and constantly continued to see the debtors to convince, motivate, explain, reason with them, understand their situations, find solutions to help debtors to make payment. Mr Terence Gomez recovering Bad Debts had shown great improvement through the years. Mr Terence Gomez had then been given more and higher volume of cases from the different clients he had. Many Companies had engaged his services for Bad Debt Recovery, which Mr Terence Gomez couldn’t handle the work load all by himself. Mr Terence Gomez was then advised by some of his clients to open a Debt Collecting Company in order to handle the loan & volume of Bad Debt cases given as his client were so impressed with Mr Terence Gomez results.

Mr Terence Gomez then thought over this and since he enjoyed his work in recovery debts, he agreed to open a Company and that is when Revelation Force and Associate was Born in the year 2000. Mr Terence Gomez knew it’s going to be more work and more collections to be done. He then started recruiting Debt Collectors. Each and every Debt Collector was trained to be humble, to be tactful and to handle each and every debtor with care and comfort making sure Recovery Continues at high level always.

Mr Terence Gomez training on his Debt Collectors and Staffs made Recovering Bad Debts even more successful. He did so well and could Recover Debts that were in Bad Debts for many years.

From the day Revelation Force was born the Company has grown till this day and continued to do Bad Debt Collections for varies Companies In Singapore & Malaysia. Revelation Force has received many awards during these time over its Collections done.

In 2012, Revelation Force & Associate was In-Cooperated to Private Limited and has been known as Revelation Force & Associate Pte Ltd since its In-Cooperation and is fully operational till this day

In 2013, Revelation Force & Associate Pte Ltd opened its Office in Malaysia known as Revelation Management Services and is fully operational till day handling Malaysia Accounts to Recover.

Its 2020, Revelation Force & Associate Pte Ltd is recovery Bad Debts for one same Client in Singapore for more than 18 years and is still strongly Recovering. The reason is simple as Revelation Force & Associate Pte Ltd is its Top Collector and still is till today

The Agony of Collections & Bad Debts

Business Collections and Accounts Receivable problems are major reason for business failure. Profit alone is no single indicator for business success when business operation is easily choked by cash-liquidity problems. Collections, bad debts and receivable problem severely restrict business cash flows. As such, solving collection, bad debts and receivable problems, free funds and working capital for business liquidity and for further investments.

To enable funds and working capital to be freed most business organization resorted to services rendered by Collection Agencies. Experiences with Collections Agencies can be a bitter one. Collection Agencies are known to have used ‘strong-arm’ tactics and at times ‘unlawful’ approaches to gain success at collecting bad debts and accounts receivables. This when unnoticed, eventuated in adverse customer relationships.

There is only one way to do this, that is Do it… By The Right and Effective Way. Hire a Professional Collection Agency that has the experience and reputation to effectively collect the money owed to you; without adversely effecting customer relationships.


Extensive experience in collection and in geographical area normally means better collection

Extensive contacts and network showing commitment to business and community

Longevity in the business and track record is a plus

Professional and systematic approach

Results targeted

Highly integrated

365 Microsoft – Access Office On The Go 24/7

Remember Two Key Factors:



RMS Malaysia

RMS Malaysia is registered under PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION ACT 2010. This is a need for Debt Collectors to be registered of the Data Users.