Our Services


Using our services means you are retaining experts who are fully experienced in a difficult field. Most of our collectors are ex-government department (including legal and law enforcement) with a wide range of networking contacts. Given this backdrop, we are in the position to track, trace and terminate delinquencies as results are acquired.

Track and Trace and Debtor contact starts immediately after the receipt of basic information that you provide. Our team follow their strictest guidelines to maintain a professional customer contact and care in all our collection effort. Our Collectors make no threats; they do not argue nor debate. They consistently were emphasized during our training and meetings sections. They are professionals and are aware of your interest at all times to preserve good relations as your funds are recovered.


We value the personal contact with your debtors as it best stimulates results. Ours in NOT a mere letter writing and notice giving service.


Lower cost

Ease of operation

Nationwide service

Personal service on each debtor

Positive results without losing customers

Law firm pre-litigation confrontation in used if warranted

Provides creative, in house case flow strategies for your use, so that you may recover more and place fewer legal claims-meaning savings on high legal cost


Because it is executed by people that have years of credit and collections experience. Our specialization has been in commercial recoveries, we know the right way of debtors contact

You’ll get results because your debtor is immediately contacted. The debtor is alerted to his vulnerability due to the decision you have taken over his delay remittance. Rapport is established and a payment commitment is asked

His agreement to pay is reinforced; or his inability or unwillingness to pay is carefully probed and sensitively handled. In either event he immediately received a professionally prepared written follow-up

Successive, intensifying personal and written contacts follow systematically. This orderly regular activity is designed to impart to the debtor the necessary of response to his obligation to you. He quickly realizes that non-responsiveness can lead only to early and absolute increased action. Our objective is to motivate your debtors to always pay you on time and in full.

Early involvement by and Authoritative Third Party, conscientiously pursued, has been proven to obtain the highest return and easily preserve your goodwill. Our fees serve to let your staffs concentrate on immediate identified slow pays so they will recover more of them. This means your collection cost decrease because fewer accounts will reach a stage that requires third party involvement.

Our nationwide recovery services are charged at a reasonable cost

REMEMBER! YOUR USE OF THE RPP PROGRAM will achieve these benefits:

An increase in account receivable recovery giving you more cash flow

Reduced internal accounting cost because our staffs deal with your bad debts professionally

Lower delinquency losses and costs


Monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls

Secured Voice Recording for all incoming and outgoing calls

Letter of demand is only used approved and vetted by our clients

All details are screen to database to search for latest updated information

Call centers

Data input on all information updated received

Data available anywhere, anytime only by approved agents given password – system access

Sms services

Accounts monitoring by Senior Credit Controller

Approved installment plan template

Trace, 3rd party search through many organizations

Field Visit

Client Report


All Calls are monitored by our SCCO for politeness, clearness and follow script given

All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded through our RFA / RMS recording device which is monitored by SCCO. These recording are available anytime on request by our clients

RFA / RMS once received details of the debt; the details are immediately transferred to our workstation for immediate action. All details are uploaded into our 365 Microsoft application (Access Office On the Go anywhere / anytime) our LOD’s are printed out on the same day the details are received. This is for speedy recovery work.

Once the account information details received if the information is not valid, the account is transferred immediately to our database centre for immediate search. Once the search is completed, the account is transferred back to our recovery team department for its immediate recovery work

After Lod’s are printed, the accounts proceeds for further recovery actions through our Call Center

Call centers will then make calls to all accounts and update all important information such as updating payment date, update contact numbers and all necessary information. Such information are provided to our client whenever needed and during closure report

Microsoft 365 allows remote access through a web page browser or even through a Smartphone when any staff is out of office. Information available will be Updated Information by our call center. Many Computers can be connected at different remote locations all at the same time to our common database.

Sms can be send out in Bulk by RFA / RMS by way our sms system

Accounts tracking and recovery work done is checked and monitored every Wednesday and Friday by Our Team Senior Credit Control Officer for work Competence and to make sure script is followed and Good High Collection Amount is achieved

RFA/RMS gives installment plans to debtors whom show proof to why they cannot clear their debts immediately. Such Installment Plans (IP) are only given with the approval of our clients

Shifted Cases : No Contact Cases are immediately send to our “Search and Rescue Team” where the search is immediately done for follow-up recovery actions

For all Recovery Accounts where in-house recovery work becomes unsuccessful, the accounts are shifted to our “Field Visit Station”. Here we have a team of “Field Visit Enforcement Officers” to take immediate actions are taken in doing Filed Visits to get contact to debtors

Our Recovery work report is send to our clients Weekly / Monthly upon request